Tenant Issues

If you have had a letter from your mortgage lender threatening court action for repossession,it is important to act quickly and take control before mortgage arrears put your home and family at risk.
Rent arrears is a risk which can cause you to lose your home. If you have Rent Arrears or you are struggling to pay your Rent you need to take action. Don’t ignore the problem or you could be evicted.
Should you be threatened with eviction from your landlord you’ll need URGENTLY. Call our offices for an urgent appointment on 0121 643 4121 or use a local advice centre.
  • You are faced with legal proceedings relating to alleged Anti-Social Behaviour or Committal Proceedings for allegedly breaching an Injunction.
  • You are Unlawfully Evicted. We can apply to the Court to get you back into your home and we may be able to help you get compensation for the way you have been treated.
Your Specialist Housing Solicitor
We have over 30 years experience of representing clients in housing related matters. We have successfully represented clients in cases in the County Court through to the Supreme Court. We hold the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Quality Mark and are one of the very few Specialist Housing Solicitors in the West Midlands.
We can help you under the Legal Help and Legal Aid schemes if:
  • You are threatened with Possession Proceedings or Eviction. We can ensure that your Landlord is acting legally and represent you in Court to make sure that you get a fair hearing.
  • You are Homeless. We can advise you on your legal rights. Ensure that the Council considers your Homeless Application fairly and speedily. We can assist you with your Review and, if necessary, we can take the matter to Court.

Birmingham-based Housing Solicitors

We accept instructions on a Private Client basis to advise and assist you in respect of HOUSING matters that are no longer covered by the Legal Help and Legal Aid schemes, such as Transfers, Home Loss and Disturbance Payments and Complaints to the Ombudsman.
We also accept instructions from Private Landlords in respect of Possession Proceedings and other related matters.
Our Private Client Fees are very competitive and our expertise undeniable.
It is known that rogue landlords take advantage of tenants who are unaware of their rights.From Harassment, deposit refunds, rent disputes,housing disputes and antisocial behaviour by neighbours. Find out more from one of our Solicitors.
Every year families struggle with poor housing or homelessness,McGrath & Co can offer you advice, support and legal assistance in knowing your rights for emergency housing and help from the council. Contact our Housind dept on 0121 6434121.
Our Housing Advice to Tenants & Landlords has been changing lives, making house HOMES